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Hot Tub Features


Regardless of your income level, the upfront price of your brand new hot tub is something that’s always top of mind. Throughout our model line-up there’s a hot tub that suits your lifestyle and budget. With Beachcomber you can choose from 20 different models that cover every price point. Your choice of model paired with your choice of features, the possibilities are endless.

MicroStar Lighting Circuitry is designed using computer circuit boards that contain LED Diodes. These long lasting computer diodes are specifically designed to produce the full spectrum of ambient light for hot tub enjoyment, both above and below the water line. MicroStar lighting lasts up to 100,000 hours on average, providing long lasting light over the older incandescent style of lighting which was prone to failure.

Underwater moodlighting; hot tub lighting; spa lighting; Chroma therapy; topside lighting; Eclipse Lighting; Guiding Light; Garden Light; EverLite. Beachcomber’s EverLite gives the spa user the choice of any color in the rainbow to illuminate their evening or night soaking experience.

Small pre-programmed circuit boards are used to produce light in the full spectrum. This provides millions of colors and hues for the hot tub owner and allows them the power to choose the desired hot tub mood lighting that appeals to them.

MicroStar technology digitally produces light for Beachcomber Hot Tubs for evening and night enjoyment.

Beachcomber’s MicroStar Lighting Circuitry provides ultra-low cost lighting. All Beachcomber Spa lighting options together can cost less than one dollar per year in most markets.


EcstaSeat (noun); A corner therapy seat in Beachcomber Hot Tubs that offers a six stacker, fully adjustable deep corner seat. EcstaSeat is found in all of the Beachcomber Hot Tub 700 series hot tub models: 750; 740; 725; 720; 715. EcstaSeat provides six full size Waterports with Massage Inserts to carry from six to forty two different jets, each with its own intensity volume control.

Performing or functioning as a full body back massage for all areas of the back; having the capability of massaging main areas of the back at one time.

All six FlexJets are fully adjustable to work in concert with bather's desire; each one can be adjusted anywhere from off to a full volume or fully on position; adjustable FlexJet Fascia.

Deep seating; full back massage; full body therapy; health and wellness; multi level seating; barrier free seating; Ergocomfort; health and wellness.


Building combinations of jetting therapy to achieve a desired result. These combinations are achieved using Massage Inserts that have from one, to seven different jet orifices. Selected Massage Insert locations are interchangeable within each hot tub, allowing the user to mix and match their desired massage seating by simply twisting out the Massage Insert as they would with a light bulb.

To mix and match Massage Inserts; to build custom therapy seating.

Changing and replacing Massage Inserts by twisting out, as one would do with a light bulb.

Choose the intensity, width of spray and number of jets for personal hot water massage therapy.